by Linda McCaleb
(Sherman, Tx)

What is the wire writing alphabet?

I make names on bracelets, necklaces and initials on rings all in wire.

I’m afraid of doing it in silver, if I make a mistake then, that will cost money I don’t have to waste.

So I practice in copper from the hardware store, and order the square and half round from the internet in bulk.

I just haven’t started sending off the 100 dollar orders for the silver I need (and probably waste)


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Boot Camp
by: BarbaraHey JG,
I just found Preston’s new site. Are you glad you joined the Boot Camp?

Was it worth it to you? Thanks for any info.

Wire Writing Names
by: Gandalf974I have all of Preston’s Name Writing videos by virtue of having joined his wire jewelry bootcamp – not expensive at all.¬†


Name Writing Info
by: BarbaraHi Linda,

Preston Ruether (not sure if last name is spelled right) makes name writing videos & they look excellent.

I have bought some of his other videos-back when his site was wire That is Not him anymore. The videos I got were excellent.

I never purchased the one for names because I’m a lefty & he’s a righty. He’s a good teacher though so check him out.


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