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What Gauge Wire Should I Use For A Wire Jig 
I am new to making jewelry and using a wire jig looks like something I am going to enjoy, but I was wondering what you would recommend as the best overall …

Making Names With Sterling Silver Wire 
I want to make some name necklaces with sterling silver wire. I want to use 20 gauge wire but I’m not sure if I should use half hard or dead soft. …

Wire Protecters 
I purchased some wire protectors for the end of the wire…how do I use them properly???

Artistic Wire 
Can I make earring wires with artistic wire? I don’t want to waste any by trying if the answer is no. If yes, I’m ready to go. Please help. I need …

Most Versatile Wire To Purchase For Wire Wrapping? 
There are so many different types and sizes of wires to choose from. If I’m purchasing only 1 or 2 types of wire, which one would you recommend? …

Where To Find Beaded Headpins 
I recently saw a beautiful heart chain necklace pattern, it called for quite a few square wire beaded headpins. I cannot find these anywhere where …

Bead Bars and Head & Eye Pins 
I’m new to making jewelry. What is the difference between a bead bar and head/eye pins? How do I choose which one to use? I want to make a stack of …

Smoothing Wire Ends 
I make a lot of ear wires. Is there an easy way to smooth the cut end of the wire? Can you use a cup bur?

Does Artistic Wire Need To Be Annealed? 
Does artistic wire need to be annealed?

Using A Jig With Aluminum Wire  
I have commercial jigs that use pegs and I’m trying to use aluminum wire to make looped, curved, pendants. However, I’m finding that aluminum wire is …

Any Ideas Or Patterns For Flat Aluminum Wire? 
I purchased flat aluminum wire 1/4 in wide, looking for patterns and ways to use this.

Sterling Silver Wire 
I want to take short pieces of 12 gauge sterling wire, dead soft, hammer, punch holes, and connect with jump rings to make a necklace. Do I have to …

Measuring Wire To Make Bracelets 
I know how to measure for a bracelet if I am buying one, you measure your wrist and add an inch and that is the size you buy. However, I want to start …

Connecting Wire Loops Together 
After making a wire loop and attaching a bead,how do you attach that loop to another loop and bead over and over?

What Gauage Wire Should I Use? 
What size do I really need for a bracelet?

How Do Know If The Wire I Use Will Not Tarnish? 
I just want to know if the original wire I use for my wire work jewelry will not tarnish easily?

Wire Jig Patterns 
I’ve looked all day on the internet for patterns or books…….anything. I’ve got the jig, wire, tools and time. Now, I need the patterns. Anybody …

Use For Seed Beaded Wire 
I bought seed beads already strung on heavy wire. ArtFire calls it “seedbead” wire but I can’t find anyways to use it. The wire is at least a 18 guage. …

Wire breaks after hammering…? 
When I harden my wire by hammering, the wire often breaks in two. What can I do to make my wire strong?

Need to Make Chandelier Connections 
I have a chandelier I inherited from my mother. The last time it was cleaned, the substance caused many of the wires to fall apart. I have a tool …

wrapping wire 
Could you possibly make a video, of wire wrappind tech. I’m trying to make a dangle earring and this technique is used several times, And I just can’t …

wire wrapping long pieces 
I’ve just started doing wire wrapping projects and I’m having difficulty figuring out how to maneuver the smaller gauge wire around the larger gauge wire …

Wire Writing Alphabet: What is it? 
What is the wire writing alphabet? I make names on bracelets, necklaces and initials on rings all in wire. I’m afraid of doing it in silver, if …

Afraid to Waste Wire! Help! 
I’ve made name necklaces and bracelets, but i’m afraid to make anything else with wire. I don’t want to waste any! I’m a scrooge when it comes to money! …

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What do I use to make the long necklaces that have a few beads anchored by crimp beads? 
I want to make some of those really long necklaces…. single strand that hang down to about your stomach. They are not really heavy, as they just have …

Marks Left by Tools 
When making spirals my pliers leave marks. I have tried to file them out, and tried to hammer them out. I am using flat nosed pliers most of the time. …

Is the wire book an e-book only?  
Price for shipping the ‘wire’ book and is it in an e-book only format?

Tumbling parawire? 
I would like to use silver-over-copper parawire to make some of my chain maille projects for cost saving. I usually tumble finished solid sterling or …

How Do I Make a Push/Pull Clasp? 
Help! What kind of wire sheet do I use to make a push pull clasp? The kind where you pinch one piece, push into the other, then let go and it springs …

Anchoring beading wire to a neck wire 
I am attempting to use a neck wire to create a necklace. I strung seed beads on super thin wire, and then wrapped the string around the neck wire. …

Is Switching Square Wire To Round One Possible? 
In some patterns square wire is specified. Is it possible to use the round wire and hammer it before using to make it flat, and use it like in a ring shaft? …

Oxidizing Copper with Ammonia 
Does anyone know how to oxidize copper wire using ammonia?

Does Any Other Wire Work to Make Balled Headpins? 
Does any other wire work to make balled headpins?

Can You Harden Artistic Wire? 
Can you harden artistic wire?

Spacing Beads With Memory Wire? 
I am making a memory wire necklace. I would like to space the beads, but the crimps won’t stick to the memory wire.

What is Best Way to Securely Crimp? 
What is the best way to crimp a piece of jewelry so that it does not come apart and is very secure. After I completed a mother’s bracelet, I lifted …

How to Make a Pendant From a Button? 
How do I make a pendant out of a button?? How do I thread the wire through the button?? Thanks

Advice for Wire Work Classes? 
Having been successful at teaching basic jewelry making classes, I would like to start teaching on (my favorite) wire work jewelry. However, I don’t …

What Is Annealing? / How to Anneal 20G-Gold Wire? 
Hi, I would like to learn how to make wire-wrapped rings using 14k Gold wire/20 Gauge. I was told I would have to anneal the wire. How exactly do you …

Wire: Dead Soft vs Half Hard? 
I am a novice jewelry maker and am totally overwhelmed by the variety in wire selection. I am wanting to stock up on the most versatile and necessary types …

Soldering Gold Filled Wire 
Can someone walk me through soldering gold wire? I am trying to make gold filled bangle bracelets and need to solder the ends of the gold filled wire. …

Wire Wrapping the Basket Weave? 
Does anyone know of a good book or video that will demonstrate more advanced wire techniques? Thanks.

How to Use A Bead Stringer With Wire? 
Hello…Great website! I bought a bead stringer and want to use it for stringing seed beads onto wire. Help! I cannot figure this out. I prefer …

How to Tie Off Beads Using Wire? 
How do you tie it off so it looks as professional as possible?! I love this work, but I am a novice. I’m using wire, crimp tubes and jump rings to …

Annealing and Pickling? 
Should you pickle your wire each time you anneal it, or is possible to simply anneal it and cool it without having to pickle it each time? Thanks so much, …

Wire Cages 
I want to learn how to make wire cages for tumbled stones. What sites are there that will teach me?

Connecting O Rings 
What is a good way to keep O-rings on bracelets from opening up?

Do You Need A Soldering Gun To Close Small Rings For Jewelry? 
For some reason, when I pinch and close the small circle rings, on earrings and necklaces they do not close all the way. Any suggestions?

Twisted Wire 
I have seen some design using twisted wire.What type of wire are they using and can you show a few design using twisted wire?

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“Flipping” Problem With Double Holed Beads 
How do I keep segments of a necklace from turning over when using two wires passing through two holed beads? No matter how I adjust the lengths of the …

Adjusting The Length Of A Finished Necklace 
If a customer wants a beaded necklace – string on wire shortened, is there a way that it can be done without having to restring the entire necklace?

Wire Wrapping 
I would like to know how to wire wrap a pendant? I want to make a birthday present for a friend. Thank you

Finishing a Wire Beaded Loop for Earring 
I had difficulty bending wire into a loop, so I cut some wire and looped it. I finished with a crimp bead. How does a jump bead fit to connect to the …

Wire for Appetizer Picks? 
I was thinking of making appetizer picks with beading on the top. Someone told me that you can only use stainless steel wire because of the chemicals …

What wire gauge headpin for best wrap? 
Hi, I always have such a hard time making my wraps even close to being exact when I am making earrings or a drop. Is there a gauge you recommend …

Charts For Wire and String 
Could you tell me if there are charts out there that will tell me what size wire or string to use for any given jewelry project? Does it go by weight …

Wire Wrapping Beads 
i’m not sure how i can attach a wire wrapped bead without an extra ring. how do you keep the loop round if you have the chain you are hanging it on …

How do I Twist Wire by Hand? 
How do I Twist Wire by Hand?

Connecting A Stretch Bracelet At The End 
I am making my first stretch bracelet and cannot figure out how to join the ends together. I don’t know how to tie it off and then connect it once …

What is Gold Wire Used For? 
What is gold wire used for? What is the difference between gold solder and gold wire? Answers: There are a number of types of gold wire. …

Question About Making Soldered Rings 
What’s the difference between fine silver and sterling silver wire? I want to make some soldered silver rings and I’m not sure what to buy. Someone …

Want An Advanced Gem Bead Board. 
I have found several blogs about the Advanced Gem Bead Board but no indication of where to buy one. I would appreciate a link to website. Thanks, …

What Kind Of Wire Is Most Durable? 
Hi, Bracelet broke at wire wrap point – which wire should I use? I have just recently started making bracelets and made one for my sister-in-law …

How to wire wrap a semi-precious undrilled stone with a loop at each end 
Hello I am hoping some one can help me here as I have searched the internet to no avail. I want to make a bracelet with some semi-precious, irregular …

Making A Loop After Beading A Head Pin 
I’m fairly new to the jewelry making arena and I’ve found when I’m making earrings, the loops I make after the last bead on my head pin wire is always …

How to join the ends up on beaded wire 
Newbie here… All I want to do is join the wire I have threaded my beads onto without using a closure. Please tell me how this is done

Wire Wrapping A Wiggling Stone Not rated yet
I would like to know how to wire wrap a round stone or anything that wiggles if it has one hole to make into a ring. I cannot seem to keep the stone, …

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