I have just started making jewelry and, what with everything available on the internet, magazines, catalogs, etc., am a little confused as to the best place to order jewelry making supplies. Any hints?



Thanks for your question!

In the U.S. I like Artbeads.com (low shipping prices are near and dear to my heart). They have a nice selection of everything, good quality, and awesome service.

I also like Ornamentea.com for some really different offerings if you’re into the more artsy fartsy stuff.

There are also more links on my bead and jewelry supply page. I would recommend any of the suppliers on that webpage.

I hope that helps.


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Jewelry Findings
by: Anonymous


I came across your blog this morning and thought that I would let you know about our e-bay shop

We have many wonderful filigrees, connectors, bead caps to just name a few of the items that we carry.

We will be setting up our own website very soon and you can find us then by also using www.originalfindings.com

Happy beading and blessings for many creative ideas.

Original Findings

Jewelry Supply
by: Renee

I’ve purchased beads and jewelry making supplies from lots of places over the last several years, but have to say, Rings-things.com have some of the best prices, and, so far, everything I need, including bulk Swarovski. Plus, they’re the NICEST people (and I don’t about you guys, but I really appreciate that!) when I’ve contacted them by phone, although I’ve also placed orders via the ‘net.

Just my two cents! And awesome site!! *smile*

Depends on what you do…
by: Robyn Hawk

FMG and ArtBeads are both good overall sites. Are you doing a lot of swarovski? Rainbows of Light.

Gemstones? I like MagpieGemstones quality with good prices.

Wire? ThunderbirdSupply, Altamont, MonsterSlayer

Metal? Stuller (sheet); Hoover & Strong (carries eco friendly metals – see their Harmony line); Reactive Metal (bi-metals, titanium, niobium); David Fell (patterned sheet)

So you see – it all depends on what type of jewelry you make!!!

Robyn Hawk

re: Jewelry Suppies
by: Alastar Dragonfly

The place that I have found that has practically anything that you could possibly want is Fire Mountain Gems. They have everything from plastic pony beads to solid gold findings and everything in between.

Good luck with your quest. ;o)


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