by Alexandra
(Conroe, USA)

I have a ring and I was told it was gold but it isn’t marked with how many karets it is so does that mean it’s fake?

The only thing stamped in it was NV and the ring size but the ring also has a somewhat large diamond on it and I believe the diamond is a man-made diamond because I looked up online how to tell if the diamond is real and all the signs pointed to yes…

However, I was told the ring was 14k but I’m having my doubts because it’s not stamped.

Should I be worried?

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Professional Jeweler’s Answer!!!
by: Jewler

If the ring was real it would have the karat quality signature mark.

It is probably plated over copper.

Gold ring stamped NV
by: Candi

Vintage rings stamped NV are most likely made by Nevada Jewelry company. They were very often silver or silver with a good heavy gold plating.

by: Jose

Hi my name is Jose and I found the same kind of ring in my house does that mean it’s real how much is it worth has the same markings Nv and also 8

What does 925 10 NV mean on engagement ring
by: Amanda

I have a ring I found not sure if it is real or not. Diamond ring inside it says 925 10 NV. Need to find out what this means

NV 8 stamped on the inside of a ring what does it mean I
by: Type Your Name Here

On the inside of gold ring I bought I was told it was 14 karat gold and a real diamond that they paid $1,000 for in California. No paperwork but it’s stamped in NV8 on the inside of the band and nowhere does it say what carrier it is or anything. Is it real or did I get scammed?

NV means Nevada Silver Mine
by: Christine Gierer –

Your ring isn’t gold, it’s silver. NV is the stamp used as a jewelry marking by Nevada Silver Mine or the Nevada Jewelry Company (at least as far as I can tell from some internet research!

It might be gold plated on top of silver if it looks yellow, but if it’s white I would guess that it’s silver.

Other ring markings you might see are 925 – this means 92.5% silver (meaning it is sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% copper to make the silver stronger. Pure silver is too soft for most jewelry so your ring surely would not be pure silver.

NV marked rings also sometimes have a number like 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. A number like that means the size of the ring. These are common ladies ring sizes.


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