I have seen jewelry made with pearls strung on leather cords. In the descriptions it always says that the pearls are strung on “hand rolled leather”.

Does anyone know what this means and if so where I can buy this type of leather cord? And how would I hand roll it?

Answer by Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

Not to worry, you don’t need to hand roll the leather cord yourself.

That’s just what it’s called. That’s how they describe cord that is “round” (think like a piece of wire” rather than flat or cut in strips like a piece of rawhide cord.

If you look for for Greek leather, or leather cord you should be fine.

You can get some here at Artbeads. The “mm” means the diameter. 1.5 mm and 2 mm are standard sizes. You might want to order some of both to see what the difference is.

If you click through the link, you can also see what sizes and colors are available.


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Hand Rolled Leather & Large Hole Pearls
by: AnonymousIt’s kangaroo leather. Available through Tandy.

Some large hole pearls are available at: AGrainOfSand.com

by: AnonymousAre you wanting them drilled with the larger hole?

I have had some luck finding 12 and sometimes 14 mm. The 16 mm are a little harder to find.

They do have 16 mm sea shell pearls out there. You might check out on web about them.

Looking For 16mm Pearls
by: AnonymousWas wondering if anyone knows the best place to buy large freshwater pearls. I’m looking for 16mm.


Still Looking
by: AnonymousHas anyone found any hand rolled leather?
I’m still looking.

Would Love To Know
by: AnonymousI too have been looking for the same type of leather.

What I am looking for is not typically round…it does appear to have been rolled yet in some places appears flattened.

The closest thing I have been able to find is straight cut deerskin, 5/16 wide which I then have to roll myself. If anyone can tell me..I would greatly appreciate it.

I thought maybe a chamois or goatskin…but no one seems to know.

Hand Rolled Leather
by: AnonymousDid you ever find the hand rolled leather for sale?

I am also looking for it.

Hand Rolled Leather
by: AnonymousI have seen the pearl pieces referred to
the leather is not round but looks like it was flat and rolled onto itself so you can see the seem and even flatten it back out.

I have been looking for this leather for 2 years and have been unable to locate it. I am still searching and will let you know if I ever find it
it is extremely soft with a smooth side and ruff side flat and thin.


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