Advanced Friendship Bracelet Pattern


Can you feel the waves undulating in your mind as you look at this Waves and Loops friendship bracelet?

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No, I haven’t been smoking anything. It’s hard work trying to find stuff to say about every bracelet though!  It is pretty, isn’t it?


This bracelet is pretty easy to make, but it’s in the advanced section because you do need some friendship bracelet experience before you tackle it, and certain parts can be tricky.  Notably, getting the tension right.  The knots themselves are easy though.

friendship bracelet instructions

What You Need:

  • Embroidery Floss in your choice of colors:This bracelet calls for four colors that are showing, then one “background color” – you won’t see this in the actual bracelet.

    So, to clarify – you need ten threads, about 65″ long each.  Two will be the base “background color” threads and eight will be colors that you work with.  For the eight working threads you will need two of each color (four colors).

Friendship Bracelet Instructions

Knots to Know Beforehand:

Step 1

Wave and Loop Friendship Bracelet Image 1

Tie an overhand knot at the top.  Line up your threads 1234567890.  #1 and #2 are your background color, and #’s 3-0 are your four different bracelet colors, respectively, with two threads each.  In our bracelet, this is what the numbers stand for:
1&2 – Brown
3&4 – Yellow
5&6 – Pink
7&8 – Green
9&0 – Blue

Make sure that both of the base threads – #1 and #2, brown – are on the left side.  As usual, pin the bracelet to your pant leg or pillow, tape it to a table or use a clipboard while working.

Step 2

Wave and Loop Friendship Bracelet Image 2

Starting with thread #3, yellow, make a backward knot over #2 and #1, both brown.  Do the same thing with thread #4 (which in my picture is the same color), so threads 3 and 4 are now on the far left.

Step 3

Wave and Loop Friendship Bracelet Image 3

You keep doing this with the next threads (in order), always making backward knots across only the base threads – #’s 1 and 2 – and not the other working threads.

Step 4

Wave and Loop Friendship Bracelet Image 4

Keep going until all the threads on the right of the base threads are on the left.  You will have to make loops over the previous worked threads.

The trick is making sure the loops have the right tension; if they are too loose the bracelet won’t have waves, and too tight and the loops won’t lay flat.

Step 5

Wave and Loop Friendship Bracelet Image 5

The next step is to go in the opposite direction.  With the last thread you worked (#0, blue), which is also the thread closest to the base threads, make a forward knot on the second base (#2) ONLY.

Step 6

Wave and Loop Friendship Bracelet Image 6

With the next thread (#9), which is once again closest to the base threads, make forward knots across both #1 and #2.  Make sure you don’t knot over the working threads and keep watching your tension.

Step 7

Wave and Loop Friendship Bracelet Image 7

Keep making forward knots until all the threads are on the right side of the base threads.

Step 8

Wave and Loop Friendship Bracelet Image 8

To turn in the opposite direction again, use the #3 thread – the one closest to the base threads – and make a backward knot on the #1 thread (the left base thread).

Step 9

Wave and Loop Friendship Bracelet Image 10

With the next thread make backward knots on both base threads, just like before.  Do this with every working thread.

Step 10

advanced friendship bracelet

Keep repeating these steps to make the loops from one side of the bracelet to the other.  When you are finished, flip it over to see the waves and loops together.


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