I have found several blogs about the Advanced Gem Bead Board but no indication of where to buy one.

I would appreciate a link to website.


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Try This One
by: Anonymous

Found: Advanced Gem Bead Boards
by: Ash

Hi Lynn,

I’d never heard of an advanced bead board – what I saw at the 2 craft shops here in Des Moines, and on eBay was all I thought there was. So much obliged for the question.

A quick Google search revealed these 3 sources. I’ve bookmarked them for possible future use (if I ever get out of the rank amateur mode).

Here’s a PDF that appears to provide instructions on how to use these little gems (pardon the pun):

Here’s a site that sells the stuff – not too pricey looking:

And here’s another vendor referred to by the author of the PDF:


Google is akin to having my own personal reference library. Some of it’s junk, some not. People refer to “surfing the net” – I think of it more as “fishing the net”. Some days you catch some good ones, and other days you don’t even get a nibble.

Again thanks for the question as it increased my awareness of this complex disarmingly simple appearing hobby.



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