by Katherine DeGRaffenreid

Could you please tell me where to find a bead size chart so I know what sizes to buy for certain projects? I am prettty new at beading so it sure would help me! I don’t want to buy the wrong sizes for projects.

I have not been about to find anything I can print and use as a reference…


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Visual Size Chart for Beads
by: Christine GiererHere’s a great Bead Size Chart

Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

Bead Referance Poster Set
by: AnonymousCheck out for Bead & String Reference Chart and companion tips booklet. It will answer all your beading questions.

chart for beads
by: AnonymousI tried both links and neither one works. So, I’ll put my 2 cents in and say check Fire Mountain…

Bead Size Chart
by: TobyA Bead Size Guide with PDF can be found here along with other beading tools and resources.

Neither Link Works
by: AnonymousSad to say, a waste of time.

Visual Size Chart
by: Anonymous


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