swarovski crystal beadsBirthstones really personalize a gift don’t they?

Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds are too expensive for the everyday beader, so what’s a girl to do?

I recommend using Swarovski Crystal beads in the birthstone colors instead.

(The above image shows an example of how I’ve used Swarovski crystal beads in birthstone colors to accentuate my Popo bracelet.)

Swarovski Crystal beads are considered to be the highest quality crystal beads in the world. The sparkle they give off is scrumptious.

Here’s the Swarovski Birthstone Color Chart I Use:

Shopping Tip: If you click on the name of the month, you can go directly to Artbeads.com to check out their crystal bead selection.

JANUARY’s child is…..
* Ambitious and serious
* Loves to teach and be taught
* Hardworking and productive
* Smart, neat and organized
* Sensitive and has deep thoughts
* Knows how to make others happy

February is AMETHYST

FEBRUARY’s child is…
* Intelligent and clever
* Changing personality
* Honest and loyal
* Loves freedom
* Rebellious when restricted
* Loves making friends but rarely shows it
* Daring and stubborn
* Loves entertainment and leisure
* Romantic on the inside not outside


MARCH’s child is…
* Affectionate
* Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic
* Loves peace and serenity
* Sensitive to others
* Loves to serve others
* Not easily angered
* Trustworthy
* Appreciative and returns kindness


Give your designs an attractive shade of green with this 8mm XILION bicone in Chrysolite Opal from Swarovski. This bicone is designed to catch the light, providing beautiful sparkle and shine. Try it with your favorite base metal components or create something especially nice using these beads and silver links. Its 8mm size can be used in necklace and bracelet designs, and even earrings! Try accenting this sea foam green bead with clear Swarovski crystals and deep blue glass beads.

May’s birthstone? EMERALD

MAY’s child is…
* Strong-willed and highly motivated
* Attracts others and loves attention
* Has deep feelings
* Beautiful physically and mentally
* Easily consoled
* Loves to dream
* Strong clairvoyance
* Understanding
* Good imagination

June is beautiful LIGHT AMETHYST

* Thinks far with vision
* Easily influenced by kindness
* Polite and soft-spoken
* Having lots of ideas
* Sensitive
* Active mind
* Choosy and always wants the best
* Temperamental
* Funny and humorous

Red as a RUBY for July

* Fun to be with
* Difficult to fathom and to be understood
* Quiet unless excited or tensed
* Takes pride in oneself
* Honest
* Concern about people’s feelings
* Tactful
* Friendly
* Approachable

August, lovely green PERIDOT

AUGUST’s child ,,,
* Loves to joke
* Attractive
* Suave and caring
* Brave and fearless
* Firm and has leadership qualities
* Knows how to console others
* Takes high pride of oneself
* Extraordinary spirit
* Observant

September is SAPPHIRE

* Careful, cautious and organized
* Quiet but able to talk well
* Calm and cool
* Kind and sympathetic
* Concerned and detailed
* Trustworthy, loyal and honest
* Sensitive

October is OPAL

OCTOBER’s child
* Loves to chat
* Loves those who loves him
* Inner and physical beauty
* Does not lie or pretend
* Sympathetic
* Always making friends
* Daydreamer
* Very opinionated
* Does not care what others think

November is sunny TOPAZ

NOVEMBER’s child…
* Has a lot of ideas
* Unique and brilliant
* Sharp thinking
* Fine and strong clairvoyance
* Careful and cautious
* Dynamic in personality
* Inquisitive
* Always thinking
* Brave and generous

December is gorgeous TURQUOISE

DECEMBER’s child…
* Loyal and generous
* Patriotic
* Active in games and interactions
* Ambitious
* Influential in organizations
* Fun to be with
* Loves to socialize
* Loves attention

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