Hello there, could anyone help me do rings and designs…

I am actually using a ten carat gold wire…

Also please send me list of where to buy Swarovski stones that are cheap.

I live here in the Philippines so please give me prices in peso and location where to buy some stuff in jewelry making.

Thanks in advance…

Hope to get your reply asap…

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Quiapo is the place to go.
by: Chie

And Divisoria, too, I heard.

I’m from the Philippines but live in Bali.

Every time I go visit my home country, though, and want to make jewelry on my visit (bringing the whole workplace with me is just to expensive – excess luggage and all).

I am always directed to go to Quiapo. I’ve seen the shops. They’re in the underpass right beside Mercury Drugstore. You go down the steps (a bit smelly, this place) and find yourself in a little roundabout with shops lining the sides.

I’ve seen Swarovski crystals there and other semi-precious stone beads. I’m not sure about the price, though. I know I asked but have forgotten.

I also know I never got to buy any. I always end up being really busy visiting friends.

I’ve also been directed to Divisoria but I haven’t been to the shops there. Have no idea where exactly they are.


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