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What is the difference between Silver and Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings? I am looking to buy some to make earrings and I cannot understand what the difference is.

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It’s All In The Name
by: Silverlight/Whiteleaf

My understanding is that, most of the time, the word ‘silver’ just describes the colour.

If the seller describes the leverback ear-wires as just ‘silver’, don’t assume that there is any actual silver metal in the components.

Most sellers will (and should) tell you whether their components are silver plated, sterling silver, fine silver, etc. Just ask the seller.

Price can also be an indicator. The more expensive the components, the more likely they are to have actual silver in them or on them and the higher the price, the higher the quality of the silver is likely to be.

Many components simply called ‘silver’ are often silver only in colour and may be made from pewter or another alloy, or they may be plated with nickel to give them a silver colour.

There is a huge difference in the properties of these metals and often in the quality of the components from which they are made, so if in doubt, ask.

I hope this is helpful to you. All the best with your jewelery making!


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