i have three sets of painted fake pearl necklaces in varying colours… they belonged to my great grandmother – probably from the early nineteen hundreds. i have worn them, but the paint is coming off… is it possible to repaint them or have them repainted?

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Me too!
by: Anonymous

I was wondering the samething! mine are like a slick plastic material, but i dont know what kind of paint would stay on it!

Fake Pearls
by: Anonymous

I also want to know the same thing.

Does anyone have an answer to restoring fake pearls???

Painting on fake pearls
by: Christine

I don’t think it is possible to “restore” fake pearls. You will never get them to look like they were when they were new.

If you want to paint them though, you could try primer (as primer for preparing wall for paint) or gesso (gesso is what canvases are primed with when painters paint on canvas). Then try painting on top of that with acrylic paints.

This is just something to try as an experiment. I wouldn’t be all that optimistic about turning them into shiny fake pearls.

If you try it I would be interested in seeing pics of your results!


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