I saw a resin mold for a bangle online, and am thinking of purchasing it.

I’m wanting to use it to create polymer clay bangles.

Are polymer clay bangles strong, or do they break easily? I use Primo, Fimo, and (sometimes) Sculpy III.

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by: Meredith Arnold

I’ve made polymer clay bangles and never had one break yet.

I’ve used Premo and Cernit which are both strong clays.

Barbara McGuire and Wendy Wallin Malinow bangles are very cool, solid clay and are strong.

I wouldn’t use the Sculpey III for a bangle though.

It’s not as strong as Premo or Cernit.

Hope this helps!

by: Christine

Thanks so much Meredith for taking the time to answer the question.

Polymer Clay Bangles
by: CAT

I took a bracelet class with Donna Kato. Her clay is as strong as rock.

I have made over a dozen bracelets and highly recommend Kato Clay from Prairie Craft..have fun…Cat

by: Anonymous

If you use any clay other than Sculpey III for your bangle, have no fear of breakage.

Remember, this is basically PVC–Think about how hard it is to break even the thin pieces of PVC!

I have made bangles for some time now–you can see these examples on Flickr and I use nothing more than the clay itself: No Cores, Molds, or other accoutrement.

Soda cans are a perfect shape and size for your bracelet to cure on.

Simply roll out a smooth snake of clay and join the seam carefully.

It helps to overlap the ends of the snake as you shape it on the soda can.

Then cut through both with your blade to get two straight ends to match up.

You may have to sand the join down smooth after curing – but it doesn’t take long.

Experiment, have fun!


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