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More questions from Readers! This time about Peruvian Thread Earrings.

From Markeshia:
Hello, I saw one of your videos on I know nothing about how to make jewelry. But I buy a lot of costume jewelry and I spend a lot of money on buying it. I’m really into the Peruvian thread string art earrings, and I wanted to learn how to do it and what supplies that I would need to start creating my own Peruvian earrings in my spare time. I’ve looked online to research this technique but have not found any luck. I only know that it’s done by using the spirella and wireworking technique. If you know how to make this type of earrings please let me know. Thanks!!


I did a quick search for the Peruvian thread earrings and I found some places selling them. And they reminded me of the string art that was popular in the 70’s. So I did a search for string art and I found you some links:

Math Cats String Art: learn how to make string art and print out some string art patterns
String Art Fun: More patterns and techniques

I don’t know if they’ll help, but if you are crafty at all you can probably figure it out. The string art in the 70’s was made by catching thread on nails hammered into a board. I think instead of nails you’d coil wire around a thicker shaped wire frame, then use thread to make the string art.

(image above is from Three 5 Eighty 5’s shop on Etsy where it’s all thread earrings all the time!  Check them out for more thread art earrings.  Their work is awesome!)

How to Make String Art Earrings: String Art Earring Video

Update: Look!  A String Art Earring Video:

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