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The OH is the most commonly used knot on the planet. You probably use it everyday without knowing it.

Step by Step

Step 1: Take your cord and make a loop as in Fig. 1.  (The red end is the cord end)

Step 2: Take the end of the cord and slide it under the loop, and through the hole of the loop to make a pretzel shape as in Fig. 2

Step 3: Pull tight, and you’re done!

Using an OH to Make a Loop

If you need to make a loop at the beginning of a hemp bracelet or necklace, follow these instructions:

  1. Take your cords (usually there are two long lengths), and fold them in half.
  2. Take the folded end in your dominant hand, and make the same loop as in Fig. 1, only instead of just one piece of cord, you have the two folded cord ends.
  3. Slip the folded end under and through the loop.
  4. Pull tight.  Your finished loop should look something like Fig. 4 below.

Tip: If the loop doesn’t look nice and neat, try holding the end tightly in one hand, and gently but firmly pull each strand one by one until you are pleased with your handiwork 🙂

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