by Roxanna
(Atlanta, GA)

I am using Beadalon crimps and wires. Doesn’t seem to matter what size but I am using their guides.

My problem is once I use the first second of the crimp tool and make the V look, I use the front section to do the second squeeze. My crimps are slowly opening up and I am wasting way too many crimps trying to make it not do this.

They slide right off after the second squeeze because it has opened up the V. Anyone else having this problem?????


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my Crimps are opening up on the second squeeze
by: Linda

Try going around the crimp completely with the pliers. That’s what I do, and I get my crimp beads from everywhere, and have them mixed up from diferent manufacturers. Or you may have a crimp that is too small for your crimpers. The average crimper (mine is from Hobby Lobby) is usually sufficient, but yours might be for larger crimps, and therefore won’t be able to crimp tight enough.
Good Luck!

Problem with crimps
by: Louise

When putting the crimp tube on the pliers make sure the ends of the wire are not crossed over each other. The middle of the “V” should be between the wires. Once you have the ends in properly, squeeze the pliers as hard as you can to ensure your “V” is holding the wires tightly. When you turn the crimp to do the second fold start squeezing slowly then look at the crimp before you make your final squeeze to ensure it is going to fold over. Hope this helps.

Crimp Problems
by: Barbara

I have found this crimp and will now only use this.

It is easier to use. Your jewels will not fall apart. Yes you still have to not cross the wire.

Please try the Twisted Crimp or Twisted Coronado Crimp. They cost more but are so to use and will not fall apart.

Once you have used this you will not go back to another. This is what I have found. Believe me this is one of the best tips I could give you. You can now enjoy what you make.


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