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I know how to measure for a bracelet if I am buying one, you measure your wrist and add an inch and that is the size you buy.

However, I want to start making them. How do you know how much wire to cut to make a bracelet without coming up short or too long and then its wasted? I know you have to judge for the clasps and looping the wire through the crimp bead.

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Measuring Wire
by: Linda

I usually cut a piece about 10 inches.

I use either a binder clip or they have these coiled bead stoppers on the ends as I’m making the bracelet.

Sometimes I crimp one end to the clasp first and then string the beads and sometimes I work from both ends and crimp last. Depends on my mood and the style of bracelet I’m working on.

Hope this helps! 🙂

Bracelet Made Extra Easy
by: Mickey Palos

OK, when you make a bracelet you do an average size of between 7 to 7 1/2 inches.

Some want smaller at 6 inches and I’ve made some at 8-8 1/2 inches.

I usually “make mine” while still on the wire spool. Thread on your beads and get them out of the way.

Use your crimps, crimp covers and clasp on one end. Then move your beads down to the clasp. Cut just enough wire towards the spool to make your crimps and clasp on the other end.

Very little waste that way. Hope that helps.

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