by Peter

Hi, I’m thinking of using recycled perspex pieces but some are scratched already and I would like a uniform matte finish.

Was thinking about buying a tumbler to do it but unable to see if it may/may not work.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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Tumbling Perspex
by: Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

Tumbling perspex to a matte finish sounds feasible. I’ve used a simple kids rock tumbler to tumble my sterling silver jewelry and it works well so tumbling perspex should be easy.

You’ll need to get some kind of tumbling media that will mattify rather than polish the perspex.

You might want to talk to someone who sells tumblers and media for suggestions. I bought my tumbling media (stainless steel shot for polishing metal to a shine) from Lacy and Co. here in Toronto.

They are very knowledgeable and friendly to talk to.


Matifying Perspex
by: Anonymous

I believe Perspex is a trade name for acrylic.

If you put it in a tumbler it might get gouged rather than “matified”.

Make sure whatever you use as a tumbling medium is rounded, not sharp corners and be careful with any chemical or polishing compound as it could attack it.

I would try using an acrylic based car wash like turtle wax (check and make sure it’s still acrylic base as I’ve been out of the business for a while) before I did anything else.

It might just fill in the cracks and make the piece appear uniform.

Hope it helps.

Otherwise, if your piece isn’t very big, the box home improvement stores usually stock frosted window panels that aren’t too expensive you could replace yours with. (I don’t know what shape your part is)

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