by Jan Robinson
(Lethbridge Park, Australia )

I would like to make my own pendants with some stones that my grandson gave me but I do not know the names of the clasps that I can set them in. I have looked in most of the bead sites but can not find what I am looking for, I can not find anything under findings and wires.

Please help if you can

Thank you

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Bellcaps, Shmellcaps, and Stones, Oh My!
by: Christine

Hi Jan,

Thanks so much for your question!

I’m going to assume you want to glue something onto them so you have a loopy bit. (Yes, that is the technical term.)

What you need is called a “bellcap” I did a search and found it surprisingly hard to find where to buy these online.

They are pretty inexpensive and I imagine you could easily find them at a craft store, but I could be wrong. I remember having a bunch of them when I was a kid making jewelry out of tumbled stones.

But I digress.

I did finally find some online.

Here’s where you can get some small ones from Fire Mountain Gems

and larger ones in a different style

The thing to look for is that they have a kind of “claw” that will give a surface to glue onto the stone, and a loop at the top so you can attach a jump ring.

The bell cap is attached to the stone using a good strong glue.

E6000 is a good adhesive that will bond stone to metal. You can find it at craft stores, jeweler’s supplies, bead shops, and probably hobby shops as well. Fire Mountain Gems is sure to have it or something similar.

Any 2 part epoxy should also work. You can get that at a hardware store.

Hope that helps!



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