These bracelet making tips will make bracelet making easier – guaranteed!

Bracelet Sizing Tips

  • Bracelet Sizing: Generally the wrist size plus half an inch is a good rule of thumb.  (When I made a Mommy Bracelet for my sister-in-law, I asked my brother to measure her wrist while she was sleeping).  To actually check how big your bracelet is, you might like my downloadable bracelet sizing tool.
  • Bracelet Size Guessing: If you have to guess at the size, 6.5 to 6.75 inches fits most small to medium boned women.
  • Bracelet Sizing Trick: String your beads to the length of the actual wrist size.  After you crimp and add the clasp, the bracelet should be about the right size.

Stretch Bracelet Tips

  • How to tie a stretch bracelet (so the stretch string doesn’t keep coming undone)
  • Connecting Stretch Magic String: Stretch magic is a brand name of stretch string that’s commonly available at bead and craft stores.  You’ll find some great tips here from another visitor.

Weight it So it Hangs Right

  • The Bracelet Charm Counterbalance: Choose weighty charms.  They’ll help the clasp stay put on the underside of your wrist.

Floss Friendship Bracelet Tips

  • The most important thing to remember when making friendship bracelets is to keep consistent tension on the threads in use.  It is a matter of personal preference on how tight you want it, but it should not be too loose, the bracelet could fall apart.
  • If the bracelet seems too tight, don’t worry.  It will loosen after repeated wearings.
  • It is ok if you make a mistake, as long as you detect it quickly.  The knots can be taken out.
  • Remember, the longer and more complex the bracelet pattern, the more thread you will need.  Sixty inches per strand is the minimum you will need.  Often, you will need a longer strand of one color than another.
  • Leave at least 6 inches for the braids.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with knots and colors.  You never know when a masterpiece might be created!

Polymer Clay Bracelet Tips

Polymer clay bangles are so much fun to make, but you have to know what you’re doing.  Here are some polymer clay bangle tips from helpful site visitor Meredith Arnold.   (I like to think that this is Meredith Arnold the polymer clay instructor that left this comment, but she didn’t leave her email address so I can’t tell for sure!  Meredith, if you ever see your name here, let me know if this is you or not via my contact form!)

Bracelet Making Tips for Gift Giving

  • The Test: Wear the bracelet for a day.  You’ll see if it hangs properly, if your jump rings are strong enough, and if the clasp stays closed.

My crappy toggle story: The clasp for this bracelet was originally an oval, and the toggle kept slipping out by itself – not just once, but repeatedly every few minutes!  I used my chain-nosed pliers to pull the oval into a circle – problem solved!  The clasp works fine now.


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