I have a learning disability and I have always wanted to learn how to make jewelry but a lot of people told me that it was going to be hard for me.

They said the same for when I went to Cosmetology school and graduated but I still had a lot of help from the teachers.

Anyway I can’t continue to do hair any longer cause I had an accident on my shoulder. I had to have surgery and my shoulder is still the same so if I graduated from beauty school and was able to work in a salon I know that if someone can help me with how to make jewelry I know I can learn.


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Is It Hard To Learn?
by: Linda

No it’s not hard to learn. Get some attractive inexpensive beads and some stringing line and get started.

You will need some crimp beads and some jump rings about 6mm then a clasp for a necklace.

Decide in advance how long you want the necklace to be and add about 1/2 inch for the closure.

Arrange the beads in a line in an attractive fashion, then unwind some of the line from the spool and thread the beads on. You can add a hanging trinket in the middle.

After all the beads are on the line, at the beginning add a crimp bead.

Double over the line and put into the crimp bead so there is a small loop left.

Use a crimp tool or some chain nose pliers and squeeze it flat then crimp the sides so it is half the size. A crimp tool is really helpful for this.

On the other end, cut 1 1/2 inches from the last bead and repeat the crimp again. Cut the long tails off the crimps leaving the loop.

Add a jump ring (or ‘O’ ring) onto both ends of the necklace. Add one clasp to one end and attach to the other O ring.

You can also add the jump ring to the necklace before clamping the crimp bead to make for a small loop. Try to make the necklace as tight as reasonably possible, it will be of better quality.

You are done.

You do the same for the bracelets, except you measure the wrist and add 1/2 inch for the slack.

A tip for jump rings – use 2 chain nose or flat nose pliers to hold on either end of the ring.

After securely holding on both sides, twist so the opening is twisted apart. Close in the same manner.

You Can Learn Anything You Want!
by: Cheryl

Hi…I’m a cosmetologist…and sorry to hear about your shoulder injury.

If you can do hair, you are artistic. There is no reason at all that you can’t learn to make jewelry.

Start with small projects…I’m sure you have manual dexterity…there is nothing you can’t do that you put your mind to!

You go, girl! Start small if you have to, then go on from there! Good luck to you!


Look At It This Way
by: Kyleigh


I actually have a learning disability too, I have Asperger’s syndrome, which is a more severe form of autism,

And I am actually running a business with a friend!!! If I can get that far for a thirteen-year-old girl, I am totally sure you can do it.

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

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