by Chris
(Loch, Vic, Australia)


I am hoping some one can help me here as I have searched the internet to no avail.

I want to make a bracelet with some semi-precious, irregular stones without holes. I have to wire wrap them first, but I need to have a loop on both ends, so I can join them together to form a bracelet. All the tutorials I have seen are only for pendants and have only one loop at the top. My stone is very smooth so the wires keep slipping off as well. And of-course I need a loop at both ends. Can anyone help me please? I am getting so frustrated and wasting lots of wire at the same time. Thanking you in anticipation.

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Triple weave
by: Rose

I use terms to differentiate my jewelery pieces, but saying that I came across a quote on a piece of tumble stone that had been wrapped using three pieces of double wire. I loved the idea and attempted it myself with a twist.

Each of the double wires is then woven using a different technique. Some I add beads to, use basket weave, or curl other wires inside and wrap them at the meeting points.

I make them like a small cage that the tumble stone fits in, measuring as I go along, then gather the six wires at the top, make my bail and use the excess wires for decorative work.

I feel using something like this for your stone might work, but by gathering the wires at the bottom and the top and making loops on both ends. Depending on the stone re the gauge and decorative work needed.

I believe my friend has put some of my stuff on her website. If you want to look. I have only been doing wire work for just over a year, but so enjoy it, I get carried away.
A tumble stone done in the double wires is there, it is a green aventurine, coded JP0025.
The website is:

Hope you get your stone done, would love to know how you do it.


Thank you
by: Chris

Thank you so much for your help. I have looked there before actually but there never seems to be just the information I am looking for.
What do you mean by a triple wire weave, sounds intriguing? TIA 🙂 Chris

Eni Onken
by: Anonymous

I am not sure if I can recommend another website here, so if I am not allowed then I do apologize.
I started learning like you, practicing, using wire and ‘swearing.’ Then on searching the internet a year ago I found Jewelry It is free to join, and they have tutorials. Many are free and they basic stuff is normally free to download. I learned lots from them so I highly recommend them.

Go and take a look. I use a triple wire weave method to wrap tumble stones, I feel that is what you could use, but without the weaving. Just using the wire. But please go look, you might just find what you are looking for.

Good luck.


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