by Leilani
(Pensacola, FL , USA)

I was wondering how to tie a knot using a stretch string?

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Strings Failing
by: AnonymousI’ve made about a dozen bracelets using stretch string from Hobby Lobby. Three of the braclets have broke including one of my own.Is there a better brand or heavier duty sting other than Stretch Magic?

burning the ends
by: Anonymousif you are going to melt anything i recommend a wood burning tool i use it to seal the ends of hair bows and it works wonderfully i never had much luck with open fire i would burn something

Thank for the clear nail polish tip!
by: Anonymousthe clear nail polish works really well 🙂 just let it dry for a good 15 minutes first…

by: AnonymousI use clear nail polish to hold my knots.

Use Crimp Beads on Stretch String?
by: AnonymousIs there any way to use crimp beads on stretch string?

Tying a Knot Using Stretch String
by: ChristineHey Leilani,Thanks for your question.

Here’s what another visitor wrote for a similar question:

“I’ve found that at least a couple of kinds of knots DO work with Stretch Magic: the square knot and the surgeon’s knot.

Pull the knots as tight as possible, then tuck the knot into the nearest bead hole with a dot of jewelry glue and let it sit at least 24 hours.

Don’t cut your ends TOO close to the knot. Some people melt the knot with a little heat, but I don’t have the knack for that; I end up melting the whole knot. (G)”

Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry


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