by payton tarver
(fort walton beach,fl)

kind of like this one…

How do I space the beads on a leather cord?

Kind of like a triple wrap with spaced beads.

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How To Space Beads on Leather Cord
by: Christine Gierer

If you’re asking how to get them to stay put, I’d make sure the beads are a snug fit on the cord and just space them as you please.

In the example bracelet in the picture, it looks like the beads are meant to slide though…

My maiden name is “Tarver”!
by: Becky Tarver Wilburn

Hi Payton!
I LOVE the bracelet!
And I also wanted to tell you that I’m a “Tarver”, too!
Also….my Great-Uncle Jim was a giant in the Barnum & Bailey circus for many years! They called him “Giant Texas Jim” and he was 8’6″ and weighed over 400 pounds! He didn’t look “odd”, either, his proportions were “normal”, he was just a larger version of a regular, normal-looking person….unlike some people suffering from “gigantism”.
I’d LOVE to talk more with you!
My email address is:
Have a Happy Easter today!
Becky 🙂

Spacing Beads On Leather Cord
by: Cynthia

Often, beads are spaced on leather cord by knotting on either side.

However, in the item pictured, it does not look like this was done.

The comment to make sure they fit the leather was good. If you really want to be sure they don’t move,you could either crimp on either side of them, or, what would probably be better would be to use a drop of Hypo Cement on either side and let dry thoroughly before touching.

Hope this helps. Happy beading!


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