I’ve been seeing this bracelet and it’s a bit too much out of my budget.

I was wondering if you can offer a tutorial to help me recreate this design? Thank you so much!


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by: Anonymous

Well, there are a few tutorials for different kinds of wrap bracelets, but I haven’t found any for the type you showed. However, it seems fairly straightforward from the picture. So here’s my attempt at a simple tutorial:

Leather cord (I’d guess 2-3 feet would be about right, depending on how many wraps you wanted)
Beads – number and type are up to you
Glue-on cord ends
Glue (I’d probably use E-6000)
Chain and clasp

The bracelet will simply be wrapped to be worn, so nothing special there. Glue on one of the cord ends, then string on your beads. If you would like them to be able to move along the cord, then leave them alone. Otherwise, put a little glue on the cord, slide the bead over it, and let dry. After you have the beads where you want them, glue on the other cord end. After letting both ends dry, attach the chain to one side and the clasp to the other. To wear, simply wrap and clasp!

Great Leather Bracelet Instructions
by: Christine Gierer ~admin

Great leather wrap bracelet instructions! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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by: Christine Gierer ~admin

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