by Olympias

It is a very nice piece,but totally expensive for me….I just want to ask if someone knows the pattern that it is used in order to make it!

I would really appreciate it!

Thank you!^^…

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I’ve Found The Links
by: Kayleigh(:

I saw your post earlier, which made me want to help you out. I decided to try and find the metal bars inside the bracelet. And after 6 hours of looking, I’ve found them!

Links of London Wrap Friendship Bracelet Tutorial
by: Nana from 8Seasons

Stacy and those who still find the tutorial,
After searching for so long, I have found the step by step tutorial.
Following is the img url, you can download it.

If you can’t open the url, then find it on Beadsdirect’s blog. They are so nice! Hope this can help!

Silver Links For Friendship Bracelet
by: Anonymous

Hopefully I can help a bit- I’ve wanted to make some myself! You should know Links of London is cracking down on counterfeiters making money off of their designs, so it may be hard to get the supplies we need to make these crafts, but I’m still trying.

First off, its a simple design – they use basic friendship bracelet macrame to secure the links.

I’m pretty sure its waxed linen or waxed cotton thread they use too; a lesser quality thread would fade and the string wrapping would get all ratty looking.

The links are sterling silver and my guess would be that their company makes those links for them. So,our best bet would be to find a similar shape and size link for now, maybe just silver plated.

Here is a link to the only thing I could find after 2 days of searching:

Hopefully these don’t disappear too!

If you need directions for the macrame, remember there’s always online tutorials for most designs you want to do for friendship bracelets, so I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

You’ll have one pattern for the link parts, and one for the ends. Good luck and have fun!

I Would Love To Know Ttoo!
by: stacy

If anyone knows how to make this bracelet, please post it, a long with where to find the bar beads inside the friendship bracelet.

I have looked everywhere, it can’t be that hard. Lets just put our minds together and make ourselves an outrageously expensive bracelet, for CHEAP!!

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