by Dan
(White Plains, New York, USA)

I am looking to either find a company to create pendants out of my designs for wholesale or to learn how to create these pendants.

I am looking to make items like these

I am not sure but I believe that they are either made out of metal or brass.

Is there a way to make a template to to reproduce the same pendant over and over again?

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by: Anonymous

Try going to Ali Baba. Email them a photo and they will make it for you.

You may need to do a minimum of 500 per design though!

Worth a try!

by: daniel Seco

Lost wax method you wouldn’t have a mold after creating the first one to easily reproduce and have them all similar.

I am looking to mass produce.

Metal Pendants
by: Bob Keil

I believe you can do what you are asking about in non-lead pewter using what is described as the lost wax casting method.

I am not aware of this personally but I use to know some guys who were doing belt buckles in this manner.

They are long gone so I can’t ask them anymore.

by: Linda

I know how to solder a copper pipe, but I want to solder some silver and some stuff I got from a hobby shop with a coil of solder that has flux in the center of it. Do I use a soldering iron? I have one that goes to 800 degrees.

Or should I use a torch? What temperature aprox. should I use for this stuff?

I know the metal isn’t silver, just a silver color. Then there is brass. What do I use for brass?


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