I would like to have instructions on how to make a multi-strand illusion necklaces.

How far apart are the beads on each strand? What are the strand lengths?

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Pick Your Illusion!
by: Hischild

It doesn’t matter! It is pretty much up to you. The strands should, of course go around your neck, but they can be longer. This style doesn’t look good as an opera length necklace though!

In a multi-strand necklace I would recommend choosing a different width between beads for each strand, which creates a gorgeous staggered look! Try to keep the space in between beads pretty small – you don’t want just two or three beads that look stranded!

Instructions for “Crimpless” Multi-Strand Necklace
by: scansade

My daughter and I make 3-strand illusion necklaces without having to use crimps at each station.

Cut 3 strands the same length (usually long enough for a 15- or 16-inch necklace). After attaching one half of a clasp to the strands, string a 4mm or 6mm bead through all 3 strands. Then string 2 smaller beads in different sizes and shapes on each strand. Don’t snug them up too close to the larger bead, making your first station.

Arrange the bead station attractively before stringing your next large bead on all 3 strands. Continue stringing in this fashion. It may help to put a crimp by the larger beads at either end of the clasp or glue them in place.

These are our biggest selling designs. We mix it up with pearls, crystals, metal beads, and gemstones at each station.

Great Idea!!
by: Mickey

Thank you Scansade. I’ll have to try that. I wish you had put an email address so we can see some of your work. At any rate thank you so much.


by: Lee

How do you keep the beads from moving, or sliding between the larger beads? Do the three strands keep the larger beads from moving? Thank you.

by: TJ

Major thanks on the triple strand without crimps…I have been pulling my hair out trying to get this design down. I wanted to use it for junior bridesmaids in my brother’s wedding:) Super easy once it’s laid out in your wording!

What Kind Of Wire Should Be Used?
by: Anonymous

I am trying to make a similar necklace but can’t figure out what kind of wire should I use?

The memory wire looks beautiful but tends to retain its shape.

It’s not working! Any suggestions please!


Illusion Necklace
by: Anonymous

Is there an answer to what kind of wire is used for the Illusion Necklace?

What kind of clasps?


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