by Bailey Gorst
(Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Have seen an amazing Chan Luu bracelet

I would especially like to know how to change the colours of the thread mid stitching and if the cotton is stiffened or on wire?

Have looked all over and have been unable to find any tutorials or instructions. Any help MUCH appreciated. Thanks

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Chan Luu
by: AnonymousIt looks like it might be on memory wire. And the thread/cord is variegated in color.

Also, that is a square knot. You can find how to on YouTube.

It’s a great learning tool. Good luck!

Some Macrame Basics
by: sharylThe knots on this bracelet are similar to those used for macrame “hairwraps” a while back.

You start with 4 colors of cord, folded over giving you 8 strands.

Adjust the thickness of the bracelet by adjusting the thickness of the cord.

You can go as thin as embroidery floss or as thick as you like.

The knots are pulled very tight around the center strands, so you have some wiggle room.

Just pull the cords in the color you want to show to the outside. the other strands create the stiffness up the center.

Leather is Core
by: AnonymousSome of the Chan Luu wraps use the leather cord as a basis to create this bracelet.

Some of the cotton wraps are 100% cotton.

If you notice they are using macrame to create these.

Just Made One!
by: AnonymousI just made one!

So easy to do! It is just like a hair wrap…no memory wire needed.

Just add beads where you want to and keep changing macrame stitches.

I used 3 colors. It wraps 5 times. Also, I started with a loop.

Cotton Cord Wrap Bracelet
by: AnonymousWhere’s the best place to get the cotton cord and would you care to show how you switched the colors of the cord.

Cotton Cord
by: AnonymousI started looking on line for the cotton cord and found it on Etsy but also on websites.

Goggle cotton cord waxed.

Help Please?
by: AnonymousDoes anyone know how to make the gray bracelet/the one that is second from the top?

I’m just starting to make bracelets and I don’t know much about the techniques.

Could someone direct me to a website or a Youtube video?

Thanks in advance!

Help Please
by: AnonymousIt’s all one bracelet, it wraps round and round.


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