How to open a necklace with barrel clasp that is screwed too tightly. I have tried opening with Playtex Gloves, and at least five people have tried to unscrew it, to no avail.

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How To Loosen A Barrel Clasp?
by: Wirelicious Jewellery

Unfortunately it sounds as tho the Barrel Clasp has been cross-threaded. This means it was not screwed up straight onto the thread the screw bit.

Your best bet is to cut it off at the connecting loops with wire cutters then add a new Barrel clasp or make a simple S hook for it; (this is very easy to do and you only need pliers and wire cutters tools).

How to Make an S Hook for Jewelry

The S-link is one of the basic elements of beading and jewelry craft, made in various sizes and weights of wire depending on its purpose.

The S-hook is a variation of the S-link that is used with a jump ring as the clasp of a necklace.

Because the S-hook must bear the weight of the necklace, it should be made of a heavier wire gauge, generally 16 or 18.


Things You’ll Need

Wire, 16 or 18 gauge
Wire cutters
Round nose pliers

Measure and cut

Measure and cut with the wire cutters a piece of wire three inches long.

Take your round nose pliers in one hand and, grasping one end of the wire with the smaller end of the pliers, roll the wire around the plier tip to make a small loop. The loop will be facing away from you.

Turn the wire around and make a second loop at this end of the wire, again facing away from you. The two loops should be facing in opposite directions.

Place the largest part of the pliers close to the loop now facing away from you and roll the wire around the pliers in the opposite direction from the loop. You want the small loop to almost touch the wire.

Repeat the same procedure with the other small loop, again bringing the wire around the largest part of the pliers so that it is actually touching the wire.

You now have an S-hook or clasp.

The loop that is touching the wire will be fastened to one end of your necklace. The loop that is slightly open will hook into a jump ring that you’ve attached to the other end of the necklace.


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