by Jacqui
(West Chester, Ohio)

This question may have been asked and answered already, but I can’t find it if it has.

I love making leather (smooth corded type) necklaces and bracelets, but I’m just fumbling around on my own with the knots. I’ve been a self teacher, so I don’t know if what I’m doing is right or not.

I usually look at other pieces and try to copy. What I try to do, is a 3 loop knot (make 3 loops and pull the end back through). Does this sound right? Anyone have any directions on the best, nicest looking knots?


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Super Knots
by: Anonymous

Hello My Dear, I have the answer for you!

With this tool you can make knots better than silpada!

The Knotty Woman

Some knot links
by: DezinerDiva

I have also been looking for knots specifically for leather cord and have not been able to find many links either. The best I have found so far are: and

Most knot references are for delicate beaded jewelry. I was looking for information on knots at the end of the leather cords, near the clasp. Silpada frequently uses knots in their jewelry, and theirs look amazing.

If I have time I will try to come up with a knotting reference from what I have learned on my own over the years, and by examining existing jewelry designs.

I do hope someone else finds something more useful.

Happy beading!

Tying a slip knot
by: Pam

Here is another link with better pictures.

Here is a really fancy one

Tying a slip knot for necklaces
by: Anonymous


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