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Hi there,

I know this may sound odd, but I was making a bracelet using 22 ga jump rings. I am sorta new at this and am learning.

The jump rings are too soft for the clasp and I don’t own a tumbler or a raw hide hammer. And they don’t seem to harden much at all when I work them back and forth.

I was thinking, I do have a battery operated bead spinner. I can sorta tilt it and maybe sort of tumble the jump rings for a short time. Will this harden them?

Any input would be appreciated. Also, is a rock tumbler the same as a jewelry tumbler?

Thanks a ton!


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Another way to harden wire
by: Anonymous

Sometimes i take Flat Nosed Pliars and Pinch down on the wire several times..and the wire gets harder and keeps its shape better.

use pliers to work harden
by: Anonymous

I agree – using flat nose pliers or the base of chain nose pliers is a quick and easy way to work harden any wires, from jump rings to head pins to ear wires.

Just hold the ring in the flat nose pliers and give a good squeeze or two. This can take the place of light hammering.

jump rings

I sometimes harden my jump rings with a hammer and a steel block, oval jump rings are the best, especially if you buy good quality ones from a bead store, not from arts and crafts stores.
I have also come to love the jump rings use in chain maile.


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