How do I drill tiny holes in our own polished rocks?

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Drilling a Hole in Stone, Rock, or Beach Glass
by: Christine Gierer

To drill holes in pebbles and stones, you need a drill (either a drill press, or something you can easily manipulate like a flexshaft machine with a hollow, diamond tipped, coring bit or a twisted diamond coated drill bit.

I have used the hollow core bits and they work great. I’ve nver used the twisted bits, but they look like they would work just as well.

You can find diamond coated bits on Ebay.
To drill a hole, you would keep the pebble submerged under water (with a piece of wood underneath), then drill while keeping the pebble and working end of the bit submerged.

If you use a Dremel, be very careful you don’t get the machinery wet! That’s how I totalled my Dremel. The machinery inside corroded and the collet rusted. I couldn’t get the bit out no matter what I tried.

It was an excuse however to buy the much more expensive flexshaft tool. I bought my Foredom flexshaft tool not long after. I love it. It has a control pedal like a sewing machine. The Dremel only had on and off on the side of the tool itself.

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