by Corinne
(Degelis, Quebec Canada)


We had a country festival in our region on July 5th and I wanted to create a Bolo Tie with beads.

Using a Cabochon, I wanted to have put some beads around it. But I did not find any instructions or videos on that.

Do you have any instructions?

Thanks in advance.


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Beaded Cabochon / Beaded Bolo Tie
by: Anonymous

To make a bolo tie with beads you will need to work in different sections, depending on what you want to bead.

There are lots of tutorials on the Internet once you know what to look for. Hope this helps

#1 Bead Your Cabochon
Look on and search for BEADED BEZELS.
There are several videos showing how to create a bezel (setting for cabochon)using beads and different beading techniques to achieve this.

#2 Bead Your Tie Cord
To make a bolo tie with beads, you will need to use the PEYOTE STITCH to cover a length of cord (usually nylon cord).

The Peyote stitch is done either flat or in the round. You want to find a tutorial or book on the round technique. There are lots of books that teach this.

#3 Put It All Together
Find a tutorial that gives directions for putting the bolo together (attach parts to your cabochon to make the slide and then attach the slide to your beaded cord).

Bolo Findings

I have been trying with no success to find some old bolo backs with the size of 38 X 52.

Is this something I could make myself? I have one.


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