by Amanda
(Litchfield Park, Az ,USA)

I am working on getting some necklaces together to sell but I think the knots on the ends at the clasps are big eye sores? How can I avoid this?


From Christine, How-to-Make-Jewelry Editor

Unsightly knots at the ends of beaded necklaces and bracelets can be covered using bead cones like this one:

Then hide the knots that way (great solution for many stranded necklaces)- you’ll need an eyepin to attached the knots to, then thread the wire end through the cone and attach the clasp with a wrapped loop

OR you use a single cup bead tip like this one:

To use one of these, you string the thread through the hole, tie a knot and close the cup. You can then close the metal end with pliers aft looping through the clasp link.


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