I would like to know how to clean jewelry that is
made from seed beads.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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Cleaning seed beads query
by: April Quick

What a great question!
I do some wearable art that is hand-beaded with sequins on denim.

My first question would be about stringing material. I always make sure my thread has been pre-shrunk and can get wet.

I also avoid beads with any kind of flash coating that can tarnish or wear off.

In my case, the items can be gently sink-washed with a little Ivory soap.

If the beads are loose, I would try swishing them in a little warm water with some mild dishwashing liquid and spread them out to dry on a tea towel, making sure the holes are oriented North to South.

Goo-Gone is amazing for anything gummy or sticky..it’s a citrus based product.

I would want to test a few items first.
You are smart to be conservative. I look forward to hearing from other readers about this topic!

More on cleaning seed beads.
by: Gailcee

I also have this question for my bag of old seed beads from a shawl from 1860.

Mixed in with the beads are shreds of the old fabric which I think was silk.

Not really shreds, more like they look like little pieces of dust but they are material.

These beads are a real treasure. I am thinking of using a some kind of collander to push the beads through.

Thanks for any suggestions


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