by Jessica Duque
(Lyndhurst, NJ)

I want to create a 50’s inspired multi-strand necklace using a brooch and 2 to 3 pearl strand necklaces for my wedding day. Most vintage inspired necklaces are so expensive that lead me to think that I might be able to DIY for cheaper.

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Attaching a Pearl Brooch
by: MarilynThe 2 strands of pearls you are thinking about using would be great and work at accommodating the vintage brooch. Placement of the pin will be important for the drape of your necklace.Sometimes the older brooches have a little oh, what I would call a swivel pin in the middle of the pin clasp itself.
If it does you can easily1- turn the brooch the way you would like it to look
2- and just open the pin
3- slip it straight down, which would be vertical to your de’collectage, or low neckline of your dress but, in the area below the neck,
4- and secure your pin!That should do it and it will look absolutely stunning . . . trust me.

Much Joy, Love & Happiness

How to professionally attach a brooch to a necklace
by: annettethis is the same question I have. How do you accomplish this to make it look professional, not as though you just stuck a pin on a strand. Although, I have done this and it is amazing, stunning when you put just the right strand and vintage brooch together like that. I think you can buy something at A.C. Moore or another similar place, but I would love to see a turorial on this. Any suggestions?? Thank you.

by: AnonymousYes, I agree, I would also love to see a video
Thanks you

additional question for you
by: Anonymousthanks so much for your info. Question – I wanted to give as a gift, therefore, don’t want to just attach the brooch to the pearl necklace. Is there another way? glue??? some other way?? thanks very much again.

Try this
by: AnonymousIf I am understanding the question – you can glue the brooch to a stamping. (filigree flat pieces of metal that you can find listed all over the internet) The stamping has holes on it that you could use to attach jump rings to the rest of the necklace.

attaching vintage brooch to a multi strand pearl necklace
by: annetteThank you for comments, they are very helpful. But, wouldn’t it look bulky to glue it after putting it on the filigree piece right to the pearls let’s say. Is it best to take pearls apart and put the whole vintage piece between the part of the pearls that you would disattach from eachother. In other words, attach the vintage piece with the loops to the pearls that are disattached? If you cand understand this you are a genius. Thanks!


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