by Nells
(Brokedown Palace Farms, NW Michigan)

I would love to add some beads to a hemp necklace that I’m making, but all my large beads have holes that are too small to fit on the project.

I also tried to add beads by crimping some wire on, but it doesn’t sit well. Any suggestions?

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Try Wire
by: Anonymous

I struggled with that same problem. Try incorporating wire with hemp macrame projects.

You can use the wire as one of your center holding strings. Then you can use whatever sized holed bead you want. And it open the world of possibility with macrame. 🙂

How To Get Small Hole Beads Into Hemp Jewelry
by: Anonymous

One of the things I’ve done is use Tigertail as the middle strand.

String your beads on and then knot the hemp around the Tigertail (this works well for square knot pieces).

Got Skills?
by: Anonymous

Although I don’t have the skill, my brother took his drill and made the hole bigger. This works best on wood and fiber beads better than, say, glass or plastic (for obvious reasons).

If that doesn’t work, they sell extra thin hemp in Jo-Anns and whatnot, and you can just weave that into your project, or redo the whole project in the thinner hemp.

Hope I helped!

Eye/Head Pins and Jump/Split Rings.
by: troubeledangel

Hi!! I’m new here.

I used eye/head pins and jump/split rings. Some of them dangled, and some of them sat on top. I never thought about sewing them on.
That was a great idea also. Hope this will help. Thanks for the sewing idea also.

Beads With Small Holes and Hemp
by: Christine Gierer

The easiest way I can think of is to sew them onto the completed bracelet with some bead thread.

Is that a possibility with the beads you want to use?



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