by Irving

I have string which I plan to make a friendship bracelet out of, but I want to add a shark tooth to it?

I don’t want to make hole in tooth, though.

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I’d wire-wrap it too
by: Silverlight/Whiteleaf

Hi. I too would wire-wrap the tooth. I have done this before with several small shark-teeth, and it takes a bit of experimenting to find the ideal way to wrap each tooth, as each tooth is shaped differently and they are often asymmetrical. I usually wrap the wire around the tooth a couple of times – enough to make the wire hold the tooth securely – and then finish by joining both ends of the wire in a simple wrapped loop, which can then be attached to the jewellery. The result can have quite a tribal feel, as the wire-wrapping will tend to look organic and unstructured (again, a result of the fact that every tooth has to be wrapped differently according to its shape).
Good luck!

wire wrapping a sharks tooth
by: Anonymous

wire wrap them around the top and around the tooth in a figure 8 fashion.

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