by Lee

I have a necklace that has either leather or hemp and it is adjustable, i am looking to replicate this.

Please help, I know that it is done in a series of knots.



Thanks for your question Lee. I can’t really comment on your question unless I can see a picture of your necklace.

Can you take a picture of it or scan it and upload it?


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Broken Link
by: Leoni

Hi There, just letting you know that the link is broken.


Sliding Knot
by: Anonymous

Here’s a tutorial about sliding knots too that might work.

Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

re: Adjustable Hemp Necklace
by: Alastar Dragonfly

You can do this with bracelets and rings as well.

First, lay the finished piece out in a round shape with the two end overlapping each other a bit.

You take the ending cord from the right side and make two snug, but not tight tight half hitches around the left cord.

Put a dab of glue on the knots making sure that none gets on the cord on the inside. The take the left ending cord and pull it over and tie the two half hitches to the right hand cord. Again make sure that the knots are snug, but not overly so.

Clip the cord and glue the knots, again making sure that no glue gets on the inner cords. After the glue sets, you can take the knots and pull them together to make it bigger, or slide them apart to make it smaller.

Some people place a bead in between the two sets of knots but it isn’t necessary. If you do go wiht a bead, run the right cord through it and then tie it off. Then run the left cord back through it and tie off on the right. both cords will be inside the bead so the knots won’t hit each other.

Good luck. ;o)


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