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How do I Twist Wire by Hand?

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My Fave “Not Quite By Hand” Wire Twisting
by: Copper Owl

This is similar to using a drill or electric screwdriver – I use my electric hand mixer.

I hammered a huge nail into the top of my bench then take and fold my length of wire in half and wrap the closed end around the nail a few times.

I put one beater on my mixer and weave the two loose ends in and out, around the tip of the beater until it stays firmly in place when I tug on it.

I stand as far away from my bench as my doubled wire (and electrical outlet) allows and turn the mixer on low.

Higher speeds may pull the wire out of the beater or snap it, at high speed that length of wire whips through the air like a bull whip.

Using this technique I have twisted lengths as long as 20 feet and with as many as 8 strands of various gauge wire stock.

Twisting Wire
by: Teri_B

Well, I’m not sure this is really “by hand” BUT it’s easy.

Put the ends of the wires you want to twist in the end of a drill or electric screwdriver.

Wrap the other ends around something stationary (a nail driven part way into a board, around a cabinet handle, whatever).

Use the drill or screwdriver to twist the wire. It will twist evenly and can even be actually double-twisted this way.

Try it with some cheap copper wire first to see if you like the look.

Hand-Twisting Wire
by: rory

Hand twisting your own wire is actually ~much~ easier than you’d think, provided you have the proper tools!

When I twist wire, I cut a length of wire (I always use half hard) and double it.

I then fasten the loose ends together in my bench vise, nice and tight.

Using a small pair of vise-grip pliers (I picked mine up at the local “big box” store for only a couple of bucks each–they don’t have to be super-fine quality, or even very large!), I grasp the length of wire on the other end, where it’s doubled, and simply twist it in a clockwise motion (counter-clockwise would no doubt work, too), keeping the wire straight (but not *too* tight).

When the wire is twisted to my satisfaction, I remove the pliers, take the wire from the vise, and snip off both ends.

The wire stays nicely and neatly twisted together!

I hope this is helpful! Good luck!

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