by Susan
(Arlington, Texas)

I am making a pendant approx 4.25″ tall and 3.25 wide. It is going to have two stones on it.

I have already formed and soldered on my two bezels.

I then made a hidden bale but I have soldered it on crooked. I need to remove it but I’m not sure how. I am using Handy Flux which I put all over my piece, I then tried to heat the solder to loosen it but got nervous when it did not budge.

I think I didn’t do it long or hot enough but I’m scared I will ruin the whole thing if I keep heating it. Please advise how to remove this pesky bail.

Susan Nelson

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Remove Soldered Piece
by: Teri_B

Yes, you can just re-heat that bail/bale, and when the solder is hot enough to flow, it can be removed.

SO, if it’s crooked and you can, you can get the solder heated enough to flow, and at that point, nudge it where you need it to be. Sometimes you can even use the tip of a tool or a stick pin/wire stuck through the eraser of a pencil. Once the solder runs, you can just push the bale/bail straight.

Good Luck, it will work.

First ring I worked on, I melted the silver plate and the bezel. Just remember to heat the entire piece, and not just where that bail/bale is or you will end up melting that spot.


by: Susan

Thanks Teri for the advice. I’ll give it a go this coming weekend. I’m a beginner at this so I get nervous when things don’t go right but I know that’s all part of the learning process.

I appreciate the help.
Thanks, again.

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