I have a beautiful charm-type necklace that I would like to also wear as a bracelet. The charms and beads run exactly the length I would want the bracelet to be.

So I need to find a way to connect the two ends where the beading stops and then also find a way to keep the dangling necklace ends pulled out of the way.

Any ideas on what findings I can add to allow me to accomplish this? Thanks! 🙂

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Easy Conversion to a Bracelet
by: beadnbird

I would double the necklace up (to the point where the charms start for the correct bracelet size and attach the clasp to the center point of the bracelet.

Then add a toggle clasp to each end of the bracelet and do it up that way. When you want a necklace just unclasp the middle of the bracelet and wear as a necklace.

I wouldn’t remove the toggles as they will make a nice added charm to the necklace if you pick an interesting one.

Wonderful Idea!
by: Anonymous

What a wonderful idea! Off to search for the perfect decorative toggle set to add to this piece – thank you for the suggestion!!

Bracelet Conversion
by: beadnbird www.madeforyoualone.com

Glad I was able to help…would love to know how it looks or perhaps a pic?? Have a great day!!


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