Hemp Jewelry Making

Hemp jewelry making is simple to learn, and the materials are pretty affordable, even if you are a starving student. You can tote your in-progress creations around with you, and most projects are quick and easy to make. You can often create something from start to finish in less than an hour.  Did I say it was fun?  Making hemp jewelry is soooo fun.

Knot Tying Instructions

What Materials Do I Need For Hemp Jewelry Making?

All you need for hemp jewelry making is hemp twine, maybe some glass, ceramic, or wooden beads with large holes, two hands, and you’re golden!

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Where to Get Inexpensive Hemp Cord

Hemp twine is available in balls and small colored skeins in craft stores, dollar stores, and online.

Here are some links to some inexpensive hemp cord online:

Natural Hemp Cord from Amazon (1mm aka 20lb test) – this is the typical thickness you would use to make a necklace or bracelet

Hemp In Assorted Colors (again from Amazon) . So many pretty colors available!

Hemp Jewelry Making Tips and Helpful Pages

Hemp Jewelry Basics  – Go to this page for more about buying twine, sizing and other materials you can use for knotted jewelry.

I have info about what beads to use, and some cool alternatives to beads that you may not have thought of on this page too.

Macrame Knots for Making Hemp Jewelry

The most common hemp jewelry uses simple macrame knotting techniques.

Here are the knots you need to know to follow my project patterns:

Glossary of Hemp Knotting Terms – Totally new to knotting? This glossary page explains some common hemp jewelry making terms. Visit this page to learn the lingo.

Hemp Finishing Techniques

Visit the hemp finishing techniques page to learn how to create my favorite hemp clasps and closures.

DIY Hemp Projects

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