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Make a Hemp Bracelet with Ceramic Beads

Aren’t the ceramic beads on this hemp bracelet just gorgeous? They were a real bargain too – I love a good bargain, don’t you? I think they cost me about two bucks for the set of them.

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial. With a little practice, you can easily make this bracelet in less than an hour!

Useful Links:
Glossary of Hemp Jewelry Making Terms
How to Make an Overhand Knot (OH)
How to Make a Square Knot (SK)



  • 12 feet of Hemp twine, 20 lb. test (~1mm thickness)
  • 8-10 ceramic beads with large holes (large enough for two strands of twine to pass through at the same time)
  • 4 small leaf shaped charms or leaf shaped beads with wire-wrapped loops (optional)
  • Measuring tape
  • White glue



Step 1: Measure around your wrist (or the wrist of the person you are making the bracelet for) using a measuring tape. We’ll call this your WM (wrist measurement).

If you’ve printed out these instructions, write your WM here ______

Step 2: Cut two 6 foot lengths of twine.

Step 3: Fold the cords in half.  Make an OH to form a 2 strand loop just big enough for your closure bead to pass through.  You should now have a bead-sized loop, a neat, tight knot, and 4 strands of twine.

Step 4 : Make 2 SK’s.

Step 5 : Thread a ceramic bead onto your filler cords. (See the picture on the right).

Step 6 : Make 2 SK’s, then thread another bead onto your fillers.  Continue alternating 2 SK’s and beads until the bracelet is your WM long.  Measure only from the OH knot on the loop, not the end of the loop.  End with 2 SK’s.


The picture on the left shows a detail of the beads alternating with 2 SK’s

Step 7: Make one more SK, then thread one more bead onto your fillers.  This bead will slide through the loop closure.

Step 8: Make a tight overhand knot at the base of the last bead, using all four strands of twine.  To end the bracelet here, cut off the excess twine and dab some glue onto the knot for safety.  Let dry.  To attach the bracelet to your wrist, slip the closure bead through the closure loop.  Done!

Step 9 (optional): Try tying some leaf charms onto the ends of your twine before cutting off the excess.  I had some leaf charms that already had wire loops on them so the twine passed easily through the loops.  Tie each charm using a simple OH, then cut off the excess.  Dab a bit of glue on each knot for safety and let dry.

Note: Adding charms onto the bead closure will make it harder to take the bracelet on and off because the charms have to pass through the loop too.

The Finished Bracelet!






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