When ordering head pins I’m not sure what size I am getting.

Is 40 mm finer or thicker than 50 mm? Is the higher number a finer gauge wire?

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Help With Head Pin Thickness
by: Linda

The higher the number the smaller the gauge.

I don’t know right off hand the gauge vs. mm, but usually you want to work with a 21 or 20 gauge wire.

That will be narrow enough to fit through most beads. 40 and 50 mm is very thick wire, I would look for about a 2mm or maybe a 1.5 mm or some where in between, to use for making attachments for the beads.

Wire Gauges
by: Rose

There are two gauges I use, the USA one and the UK on. The USA one has gauges, which means the bigger the number the finer the wire.

In the UK it is mm, which is: the bigger the number the bigger the wire.

Wire for crafting is usually in 0.5 or 0.4..etc. the 0.5 being the bigger gauge wire.
I enclosed a link which shows them in comparison with the USA gauge.

I mark my ‘reels’ of wire in both, as I work from USA and UK sites and it saves me time trying to remember.

I do hope you can work this out.

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