This heart friendship bracelet pattern makes a bracelet truly meant to be given to someone you care about.  It’s a great choice for Valentine’s Day, but we all know that hearts are cute any time of year.

What’s on this page…

Heart Friendship Bracelet Step by Step

What you need:

  • Embroidery floss in your choice of 2 colors
  • Masking tape, a safety pin and pillow, or a clipboard
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape

Things to know before you begin:

This heart friendship bracelet pattern uses two knots:  the forward knot (F), and the backward knot (B)

Instructions for the knots and starting and finishing instructions are here.

Step 1

Cut 2 strands of black, and 2 strands of yellow embroidery floss to desired length.

For this particular pattern, 65 inches will produce approximately a 6 inch (including loop and knot) tight bracelet.

Step 2

Fold strands in half and make a loop and knot at the top.  Pin the knot to your workstation pillow.

Step 3

Arrange colors:  1212 2121 like in the picture below.

Step 4

With the far right yellow strand, make three backward knots. With the far left yellow strand, make four forward knots.  The last knot will join the yellow strands.  The color pattern should now be:  2121 1212.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 using the outer black strands.

Step 6

With the rightmost black strand, make a forward knot.  The color pattern should now be 1212 2112.

Step 7

With the leftmost black strand, make a backward knot.  The color pattern should now be 2112 2112.

Step 8.

With the rightmost yellow strand, make two backward knots.  With the leftmost yellow strand, make three forward knots to join the yellow strands together.  The color pattern should now be 2121 1212.

Step 9.

Using the rightmost yellow strand, make a forward knot.

Step 10.

Using the leftmost yellow strand, make a backward knot.  The color pattern should now be 1221 1221.

Step 11.

With the rightmost black strand, make two backward knots.  With the leftmost black strand, make three forward knots to join.

The color pattern should now be 1212 2121.

Step 12.

Repeat pattern from Step 4 to complete the bracelet.  End using the black strands.

Step 13.

Divide the strands into two sections, and braid each group. Finished!

Heart Bracelet Cheat Chart (Advanced)

Here is a cheat chart for you experienced friendship bracelet enthusiasts. Print this out to follow if you understand how to read charts. If this means nothing to you, then scroll down for the step by step instructions or the video.

NOTE: This chart makes a slightly different bracelet than the text tutorial and video tutorial. It’s a little more tricky, so beginners, try the step by step text instructions or the video instructions before tackling the chart.

Click on the chart above (or click here) to open a readable version in a new window

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