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Thicker Bracelets 
Hi 🙂 I want to make thicker bracelets, but I can’t find any patterns anywhere 🙁 just wondering if anyone had any patterns for thicker bracelets like …

Friendship Bracelet Troubleshooting: Holes And Anchors In Chevron 
My chevron bracelet always has loads of holes and you can see anchor strings in it. How do I avoid this?

Question about knots 
Are the strings on the left always going to be Forward knots and the strings on the right backward knots? also, what is a joining knot??

Manly Friendship Bracelet Ideas? 
My friend liked the candy striped friendship bracelet I made, but but wants me to make one that is the same width but more manly. Any ideas on how to …My Candy Stripe Bracelet

What Am I Doing Wrong Wtih My Candy Stripe Bracelet? 
I’m trying the candy stripe bracelet for the first time and i don’t think it is turning out right. Could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

What Are There Pattern Names For These Bracelets? 
Hi I saw this bracelet and I wanted to know what it is called and how to make it. It is the pattern like the 4th one and the 8th one in the picture. …

Candy Strip Not Straight 
When making the candy strip bracelet I cannot seem to get it the go in the straight line. How can I fix that?

Help – My Candy Striped Bracelet Color’s Are Mixed 
Hi, I am making a candy striped bracelet using 3 colours and am following the instructions given. However, when I am working on one of the colour, …

Looking For This Pattern 
Ok, so I found this bracelet on Tumblr and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. If you know the name of the pattern or how to make it,that would be extremely …

Is It Normal For The Candy Stripe To Twist?  
I am making a Candy-stripe friendship bracelet, and as I keep knotting, the bracelet is twisting. Is this normal?

How Long Does It Take To Finish The Chevron Pattern? 
How long would it take to finish a regular or simple friendship bracelet pattern like the Chevron in one sitting?

How Do You Make a Super Wide Friendship Bracelet? 
I’ve seen super wide- say 2.5 inch bracelets, arm cuffs, or for anklets. I’ve never made a friendship bracelet before so sticking with an easy pattern …

What Technique Is Used In This Leather Bracelet? 
Hello, I saw this bracelet and was wondering if it was possible to make one myself. What is the technique called and how do I do it?

How To Put Letters In Friendship Bracelets. 
I have had a pamphlet that gave instructions on how to make friendship bracelets incorporating names or initials into the design. These instructions …

Forward-Forward Knot? 
What is a forward-forward knot?

Reversing Pattern 
What type of bracelet can you make with 4 strings 2 are the same color and the other two are also the same color but you can reverse it?

What’s a Forward Knot? 
Ok, so I’m really new to bracelet making and saw a term forward knot. What in the world is that? I know it should be super easy but again, I’m new. …

Forward Knot? 
What is a forward knot?

Bracelet With Two Colors? 
Is there a bracelet you can make with just two colors?

How Do I Make Two Solid Lines Of Color? 
I am trying to make a flag bracelet but I don’t know how to make just two long lines of color (4 red and 4 white strings). Do you have a template …

Where Can I Find Friendship Bracelet Pattern Books? 
I wanted to learn a lot a different bracelet patterns, I only memorize 3 (Chinese staircase, Chevron & candy stripe). If you know where to find books …

Curling Bracelets 
I’ve only just started making friendship bracelets and I’m really enjoying it. Unfortunately, my designs seem to curl round while I’m making them. …

Chevron Bracelet – Can You Add More String ? 
Hello, I was wondering if there was anyway that you could actually ADD more string to your Chevron Bracelet? I’m making it for my guy friend and …

Candy Stripe Twisting 
When I make a candy stripe friendship bracelet it always twists, why does it twist?

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How To Make Letters  
Can you please show me how to make letters? In the bracelet my friend gave me, it said Bahamas and I would really like to know how to do it so could …

Unique Patterns 
Do you have the instructions for some very unique patterns?

Please Show Me How To Make Letters 
Christine, please tell me how to put letters into my bracelets. That is how I would like to make them unique!

How To Make A Triple Wrap Friendship Bracelet 
I am wanting to make a friendship bracelet for a friend of mine who is moving to Hawaii with her family. I found a picture of one that I want to make, …

Bordered Chevron Steps 4-7 Question 
In steps 4 through 7 it goes on about what knots I should be doing on the right but that leave the left (#1) blue strand completely untouched. Should …

Easy, Cool Friendship Bracelet 
I want to make friendship bracelets with images on them but I also want it to be easy.

I am confused. I can’t seem to get it right and I just wasted A LOT of expensive floss!!

Chinese Stair Case 
How do I make a Chinese Stair Case out of embroidery floss?

Cheveron Friendship Bracelet – How Many Colors 
How many colors can you do besides five?

Looped String on Fingers 
When I was younger, I remember being obsessed with friendship bracelets. My daughters are now getting into them and so am I again! I remember when …

Where are the pictures? 
Okay, all I want to know is where are the pictures? If I were making this bracelet I would want to know what the knot looks like!!!

Chevron Friendship Bracelet with Six Strands? 
Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me how to finish a chevron bracelet with 6 strands? Thanks, Person

Zig Zag Bracelet – Twisting 
I was making the zig zag bracelet and I was wondering if it’s supposed to twist?

Need New Ideas 
Hi, I really wanna make something that is unique, but fairly easy… I wanna ease my way into the harder ones (they’re the COOLEST 🙂 ), if there is …

Friendship Bracelet Tips 
So I really love to make string bracelets but I really want to make ones that are harder like ones with names and things like that. Also the checkerboard …

Star Pattern 
I’m trying to make the Texas flag and need to know how to make a single white star, if not the whole flag. How do you do this? How many strands are …

Can I use yarn, thread, or ribbon for any of these bracelets?

Zig Zag and Candy Stripe Bracelet How to 
How do I combine the Zig Zag and the Candy Stripe technique to create a Zig Zag Candy Stripe Bracelet? I saw one online that had a black background …

Correct measuring for friendship bracelets? 
How do you measure the floss to make a friendship bracelet? Each one says to use approx. 30 – 36 inches. It seems when there are many strings, you can’t …

Friendship bracelet with button fastener? 
How do you put on a button to fasten a bracelet with instead of a knot?

Braided ends…? 
How do you braid the ends of the candy stripe bracelet like after you’re done with the knotting?

Letter Bracelet 
I wanted to know how to make a bracelet with a message made into it. I’ve seen it before and I would love to make one for someone.

Fastening Advanced Bracelets 
I see how to fasten bracelets that have a loop in one end. But how would you wear a bracelet (like the waves and loops pattern) that simply has a knot …

Bracelet Items 
Do you have to use string to make the friendship bracelets or can you use anything?

How Do I Make This Bracelet? 
Okay so I found a picture of this bracelet (the picture uploaded) and I REALLY want to know how to make it!! Please help me?!

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Friendship Bracelets 
Can I have a detailed description for how to make friendship bracelets?

How can I keep my friendship bracelets from twisting? 
I am new to bracelet making so I started with the simplest pattern–a friendship bracelet in the candy stripe pattern. Everything is going well except …

Canada Flag Bracelet 
Hi, Do you have a simple pattern for a bracelet with a Canada Flag theme that I could make with my teen daughters? Thanks, Brenda

Looking for Bracelet Instructions 
My girlfriend’s favourite bracelet was given to her by her ex-fiance so she doesn’t wear it anymore because of the negative memories. She gave it to …

Child Length Bracelet 
How long should I cut string for child bracelet (age 6)?

What Type of String To Use? 
What string do I need to use – thick soft or thin soft? I’ve noticed that in lots of videos they use different string. Can you please help me out? …

Finishing Bracelets 
Are there other ways to “finish” friendship bracelets other than the braided ends?

Chevron Bracelet 
What are some good color combinations to use in a Chevron bracelet?

How do I get my bracelet to not curl at the end of a row?

Candy Stripe Bracelet 
Hi, I’ve been making a lot of Candy Stripe bracelets because I’m still a beginner and all of them have curled. I’m doing the knots as loose as I …

Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet 
Hello, How do yo make the candy striped friendship bracelet with four colors?

Adding String? 
I am making a friendship bracelet with embroidery floss but I made it too short. How do I add more string to the pattern without restarting? What knots …

Making Friendship Bracelets from Embroidery Thread 
I inherited a bunch of regular embroidery thread and I need a variety of patterns for making bracelets, ankle and wrist, from this supply. If you have …

Need Help 
I followed the directions on the friendship bracelet. But for some reason mine is curling. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m using craft …

Bordered Chevron Friendship Bracelet – Step 8? 
In the bordered chevron, step 8 says to continue steps 4-7, does it mean 4 to 7 or 4 and seven?

Friendship Bracelet Patterns: Chinese Staircase 
When I first started making these friendship bracelets, I started out with the “Chinese staircase”. Basically you have around 3 feet of string, and …

Candie Striped Bracelet -String Switch 
Hi, When I am making mine I forget which one of the same color comes next. Dose it matter or can I keep going? Please reply.

How Much Do I Charge for My Friendship Bracelets? Not rated yet
I’ve been making friendship bracelets for a while now and I now have more bracelets than friends. I’m thinking of selling them but I’m not sure who …

Multiple Friendship Bracelet Questions Not rated yet
How do I make bracelets like the third one in the picture?

Types Of Friendship Bracelets Not rated yet
What are the different types of friendship bracelets?

What Am I Doing Wrong? Not rated yet
The alternating Chevron bracelet that I’m making is not alternating. What am I doing wrong?

How Many Strands Do You Need? Not rated yet
How many strands do you need if you are a beginner in the 4th grade and not so good at making them with beads? Thanks

Regarding-The Bordered Chevron Not rated yet
I just wanted to say I think Step 6 in the Bordered Chevron pattern may be incorrect. It says to start with the right-most blue strand and make a f/b …

Flipping Over? Not rated yet
Everytime I make these the last 3-ish strands tend to flip over the rest of the bracelet. I’m pretty sure this is because I’m tying them too tight …

Extending and Substituting Not rated yet
Can you please make a tutorial on how to extend your string? Also, can you make one to show how to substitute that background color. Pictures or a …

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Friendship Bracelets Not rated yet
How do you make a friendship bracelet?

Ladder Not rated yet
Can you please post the Ladder design?

Friendship Bracelet Twisting Not rated yet
Why does my friendship bracelet twist when I knot it?

Books For Friendship Bracelets Not rated yet
Do you guys have books for making friendship bracelets?

How Long Does The String Have To Be? Not rated yet
When making a friendship bracelets how long do you make the string? Because, when I make it, the string is very long and I have a lot of string left over …

Double Chevron Not rated yet
How many strings do you need for a double chevron?

Finishing The Knot Necklace? Not rated yet
I really want to know the useful way to finish the friendship knot necklace. Please help me,thanks.

Reverse Knot Not rated yet
What is a reverse knot?

Candy Stripe Bracelet – Without 3 Ft  Not rated yet
Can you make a candy stripe bracelet without 3 ft. of embroidery floss (I call it string)??

Easy Friendship Braclets Not rated yet
How do I make an easy friendship bracelet?

How To Make A Friendship Bracelet Not rated yet
How do you start a friendship bracelet?

Make Friendship Band With Your Name On It Not rated yet
How do I make a friendship band with a name on it and where do you buy the string that is used for making the friendship band? I can’t find them.

Easy Friendship Bracelet Curling Inwards. Not rated yet
basically when i was younger i used to make many of the striped friendship bracelets and they used to come out perfectly straight so i cannot understand …

Backwards And Forwards Knot Or Just Knots? Not rated yet
I am more of a visual video learner and if you could put a video of the different knots on it that would be very helpful because I’m trying to do the …

Stringing Materials Not rated yet
Do you know where I can get the materials and how?

Square Friendship Bracelet Not rated yet
How do I make a bracelet with squares with a black line separating each square?

Friendship Bracelets Not rated yet
How do I make friendship bracelets?

How Many Different Styles of Friendship Bracelets Are There? Not rated yet
I’ve checked every website & so I can’t find a website to tell me how many types of friendship bracelets there are. Can you help me & tell me what website …

Checkered Diamond Bracelet  Not rated yet
How do you make the checkered diamond bracelet?

Earrings Not rated yet
I want an easy way to make cute earrings. Is there anyway to do that? (I’m not the best with my hands…)

Bracelets Not rated yet
What is a backwards knot?

Chevron Fading To One Color? Not rated yet
I wanted to make a bracelet that starts out with about 4-5 different colors of chevron stripes (the little “v” ones), then once I’ve done that I wanted …

Chevron Not rated yet
Is there anyway to make the Chevron wider without adding more colors???

Chevron Bracelets Not rated yet
I try to make a Chevron bracelet, but when I do, the two ends separate! Help?!

Wave And Loop Bracelet Not rated yet
I don’t know how to finish the wave and loop bracelet.

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Is This Even Possible?? Not rated yet
I really want to make my sister a friendship bracelet with the Browning head logo on it (using just 2 colors) but I can’t find a pattern 🙁 I’ve been …

Zig Zag Pattern Help Not rated yet
I don’t understand the step 7 and 8 in the Advanced Zig Zag Friendship bracelet. Would you please help me? How should I make backward knots??

How Do I Make A Backwards Knot Tighter? Not rated yet
I’ve just recently gotten back into friendship bracelets. (I’d forgotten how much fun they were!) I can do forward knots practically in my sleep. …

String And Beads Not rated yet
I used to have a pattern for making string bracelet with rows of beads included. Do you have any similar designs please? Judy

Friendship Bracelet Flag Not rated yet
Hi, I just wanted to know if there was a step by step instruction on how to make a flag themed friendship bracelet. Specifically i wanted to do the …

Letters Not rated yet
How do I make a bracelet with letters in it? Can you give me step-by-step instructions on how to make the letters? The last website I tried was …

Friendship Bracelet Trouble Not rated yet
How do you knot a bracelet with only word instuctions?

More Patterns Not rated yet
Can we have some more patterns please?

More Styles? Not rated yet
I want to make more bracelets but you don’t have a lot of styles. Please add more! Thanks! I hate using other sites because they don’t show the steps …

Diamond Pattern Bracelet Not rated yet
In the background of the Candy Stripe Pattern video, there is a bracelet with a diamond pattern! How do I make that one?

How To Start A Friendship Bracelet Not rated yet
How do I start a friendship bracelet?

In AnswerTo: Where Are The Pictures? Not rated yet
Brooke-What bracelet are you looking at making? Most of the friendship bracelets (my specialty) have lots of pictures. Also, there are videos of …

Double chevron Not rated yet
When making the Double Chevron, after you are done with all of the knots for the first color, do you switch the color you use to repeat?

Zig Zag Friendship Bracelet- CornersTurning In Not rated yet
Every time I make the zig-zag it doesn’t twist really tightly. The corners just turn in and it makes it harder to make and doesn’t look so good. …

Letters In A Friendship Bracelet Not rated yet
Can you post a tutorial on how to make a friendship bracelet with letters?

How Much String Do I Need? Not rated yet
How much string do I need for each of the strings on my bracelet?

Double Chevron Gap Not rated yet
I’m currently doing the double chevron right now, but there’s a gap between the 2 chevrons, if that makes sense. Was I missing a step that combined …

How Many Knots? Not rated yet
I just have a small question. I love making these bracelets and I’ve learned how to make a ton of different things from this website – it’s so helpful! …

Diamond Shape Friendship Bracelet Not rated yet
I need instructions on how to do a diamond shape bracelet.

Inverse Chevron Not rated yet
Whenever I do a backwards knot on the inverse chevron bracelet, it always goes out of order!!! Help!

Star Friendship Bracelet Pattern Not rated yet
How to make a star?

How to make the bracelet pattern on the backward knot video? Not rated yet
There are several colorful bracelets on the opening screen of your backward knot video. They look like 1-inch sections of alternating color on a flat …

Embroidered Jewelry – Bracelet Lengths? Not rated yet
I want to make an embroidered bracelet with names in it. About 6 inches long. How long should the strings be?

How many colors can I use in a simple zig zag pattern? Not rated yet
I don’t want to do the advanced zig zag, but can I use more than three colors?

Friendship Bracelet Knots Not rated yet
What’s the backwards knot and forwards knot?

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Chevron Friendship Bracelet Splitting… Not rated yet
How do I stop my chevron design from being divided in two? Great website by the way 🙂

Friendship Bracelet Star Pattern Not rated yet
How do I create a star pattern?

Friendship Bracelet Patterns Not rated yet
Isn’t an ‘Arrowhead’ friendship bracelet pattern the exact same as the ‘Chevron’ friendship bracelet pattern?

Friendship Bracelet Curling Not rated yet
Sometimes when I do stripes and the zigzag, the bracelet curls up. Am I making it too tight? How do I fix this?

Ran Out Of Floss String Material Not rated yet
I didn’t measure the floss correctly again and I ran out of floss before completing my bracelet. Is there a way to “add floss” to the string materials …

Heart friendship bracelet strand lengths? Not rated yet
On the heart friendship bracelet, do you need 65in of each strand? Like 2 65in black and 2 65in yellow? Or like 2 32 and 1/2 in of each color? Or is it …

Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet: How Many Strands Can I Use? Not rated yet
I’m making a simple candy stripe bracelet and I know that it says you can use the strands in sets of three. Can you use an odd number of colors and …

Treble Clef Friendship Bracelet Not rated yet
How to you make a friendship bracelet that has music notes in it?

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