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I have strung a bracelet with 5 strings through the gemstones.

How do I end it, as it won’t go back through? I know you use cones, but I don’t know how.

Thank you in advance.


How To Finish a 5 Strand Bracelet Using a Bead Cone

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Step 1: Using a 5″ piece of 20 gauge wire, make a small wrapped loop at one end of the wire. The loop should be large enough for your five strands of thread or cable to go through at once.

Step 2: If you are using nylon coated stringing cable:

Using crimp tubes or crimp beads, pass as many strands as you can through one crimp, loop through your wrapped loop, and crimp using pliers or crimping pliers. For example if you can pass 2 strands through at once, you will be using three crimp tubes to attach all 5 strands to your wrapped loop.

If you are using thread:

Pass all 5 strands through the eye of your wrapped loop and knot using a surgeon’s knot. Put some glue on the knot for security.

Step 3: Slide a cone down over the straight end of the wire. This will cover the knots.

Step 4: Attach your clasp to the wire using another wrapped loop. Alternatively, make an empty wrapped loop, and attach the clasp with a split ring.

Step 5: Repeat on the other side of the bracelet.

I hope that helps!

When I get the chance, I’ll make a tutorial or video for this technique.


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