by Malaika
(Windsor, VA)

ear cuff/wrap

Where can I find a finding that looks like the piece that wraps around the ear in the ear cuff/ear wrap pictured above…?

I would just like to have the curved peice of metal with loops for my own projects.


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Did Anyone Find The Ear Cuff?
by: Jamma

Did you ever find this ear cuff piece?

I am looking for it as well. Please let me know.

And if I find it I will definitely let you know as well.

Ear Cuffs
by: Anonymous

Did you finally find ear cuffs?

If you did, can you share where?


ear cuff finding
by: Barbara

i must admit that i haven’t run across anything like that. My suggestion would be to do a search on etsy, artfire & ebay for ear cuff findings. Hope it helps!

Nice! 🙂
by: Anonymous

Have you tried etsy?

ear cuffs
by: Linda

If you can solder, take some 1/2 jump rings and solder them in even spaced spots, and wala you have them. I would use 14-16 guage wire for the part that goes around the ear, then 20-21 guage for the rest.
Good luck!


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